For inquiries regarding applications, as well as educational institutions seeking further information about the programme, please contact the following number:

Secretariat of UNHCR Refugee Higher Education Program
c/o Japan for UNHCR
tel: 0120-540-732 (toll free) * from 10:00 to 19:00, weekday
or 03-4366-7373



* Please replace (atmark) with an atmark (@) to send e-mail.

Privacy Policy

UNHCR and Japan for UNHCR will protect personal information in conformity with our confidentiality policy. UNHCR and Japan for UNHCR will only refer to the applicants’ personal information when necessary in carrying out operations, including reviewing the program and its outcomes, gathering statistical data for conducting publicity activities. Applicants’ personal information will only be shared with partner universities as necessary in order for recommendation of applicants.